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So you’re thinking about updating your living space…for many people this can be more overwhelming than exciting. Where do I start? What colors do I pick? What is MY style? Do I even have a style? Can I work with anything I currently have? How do I know what I’ll choose for furniture, art, paint, etc. will work?

Pretty soon, you are overcome with unanswered questions and self-doubt – leaving yourself with the same old space…or worse, an unfinished project with no end in sight.

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The Styleprint Design System Book

The Styleprint™ Design system simplifies everything and helps you each step of the way. The Styleprint brings your unique design preferences to life by evaluating your space, identifying what exactly is not working for you, and then setting goals to improve it.

With the help of the Decor&You Styleprint™ Design system, you can create the living space of your dreams.

The Styleprint Design SystemTM Difference

These common fears and how to overcome them are a part of a comprehensive approach to completing a successful decorating project. With the help of The Styleprint Design System, page by page, you will discover how to turn your own unique design preferences into a reality, something we call a Styleprint™. Your style, much like your fingerprint, is yours and yours alone.

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No matter who you are–taking on a décor project for the first time, a regular DIY-er, or a design professional—my proven step-by-step system simplifies overwhelming tasks and helps you overcome your home’s challenges—and your own worries—to create the space of your dreams.

Overcome your fear and turn it into the motivation to get started. Once you understand what’s holding you back, and your ability to overcome those common design fears, you’ll be ready to create the space of your dreams.

About The Author

Karen Powell earned her MA in business education from Salem State College in Massachusetts, but her true education has come over the last three decades solving design challenges for her clients. As founder and CEO of Décor & You, Karen has led and coached dozens of DecorDesigners all over the country to make it simple and stress-free for clients to enjoy every minute in their space. Karen’s work has earned her company praise as one of Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 500 Franchises for three consecutive years.

Karen has been passionate about business and entre-preneurship from her early days of working in an office, followed by a ten-year stint as a secondary business education teacher, and then creating her own business, first through an association with a decorating company, TransDesigns, and then creating her own company and opportunity in the home furnishings industry, Decor&You.

Karen lives in Connecticut with her husband Terry and their two bichon frises, Gizmo and Toby. In the summer she spends time with her family at the Jersey Shore.

What People Are Saying About The Book

“Karen Powell has developed a proven simple system for a complicated topic, interior design. Her knowledge, experience, and passion helping people fulfill their desires for the space where they live has brought many smiles and warmth to homes across America. This book allows for this gift from Karen to continue on for many generations.”

Art Coley Jr.

CFE, President and CEO, Franchise Source Brands International

“What a relief! Through this book, Karen Powell has made the overwhelming task of decorating completely manageable and enjoyable. Professionals as well as newbies to decorating will benefit from this straightforward, progressive, and completely doable approach to decorating. Dig in, and you will be excited by all the opportunities that lie ahead of you!”

Doreen Banaszak

Author, Coach and Teacher, dbcoaching

“Karen Powell unselfishly lays out not only the trade secrets to redecorating and redefining your living space, she gives you the worksheets to do it! This is a must-read for anyone that wants to sharpen and quicken their learning curve when it comes to redecorating at any level of complexity!”

Melanie Bergeron

CFE, Chair of the Board, Two Men and a Truck